The gigantic success of Ghostbusters in 1984 cannot be understated.  It has spawned a sequel, countless comic books and other print media, video games, toys and other merchandising that boggles the mind.  I mean, it’s freaking Ghostbusters, who doesn’t know this franchise?


One large and very popular component of this franchise was the animated show called The Real Ghostbusters.  Now, they added that “Real” part because of a rival companies’ show entitled, oddly enough, Ghostbusters.  Or should I say Filmation’s Ghostbusters?  It gets confusing because in the 70’ there was a live action series called The Ghost Busters and the Filmation version was a direct spin-off of this.
Anyway, The Real Ghostbusters was based on the hit movie we all know and all and it couldn’t be a more faithful adaptation to both the characters and the world they all created when they made the first movie.  What I love the most is that each character retains their personality and mannerisms from the movie.  Peter Venckman is the wise-cracking leader and is spot on here with this show.  Ray Stanz is the sweet hearted, childlike member of the group and along with the tech savvy, super nerd, socially awkward Egon Spengler, makes up the sub group of the bunch that deal with any technical issues they encounter.  Winston Zeddemore is the everyman of the group and sometimes strong arm.


The show expanded upon and gave us deeper interpretations of not only the characters from the film but also the world in which ghosts roamed freely, where people encounter the supernatural and it’s no big deal.  I loved it.  They were able to have a ghost of the week format but somehow it never got old.  The different monsters were so creative, the characters so entertaining and fun to watch that I couldn’t wait to see what they did next.

One episode in particular I really loved and that was the one that featured a freakishly scary Boogieman, a creature with a massively oversized head and hoofs.  Boogie used a set of dimensional doorways to travel to kid’s bedrooms and scare them.  It was great.