Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s famous comic book series, The Walking Dead has been beautifully put on the screen by Frank Darabont. This horror serial drama was premiered in 2010 on 31st October with the same name, The Walking Dead. The producers and directors have picked exceptional cast for the show which include Andrew Lincoln who is playing the lead role of Rick Grimes, Jon Bernthal playing Shane Walsh, Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes and lastly Steven Yuen who is doing the character of Glenn Rhee.


Back in 2010 when this show was introduced, The Walking Dead gained a lot of popularity and audience’s attention because of its pioneering storyline. The police officer, Rick Grimes  was shot while he was on the duty. Since then he has been in coma and had not recovered for several years. When Rick recuperates from coma, he finds out that the world has been taken under control by zombies and he is only human who has managed to survive.

This put Rick in worry and he being to search his wife and son. Meanwhile, he comes across Glenn, another stayer, in Atlanta. She takes Rick to a camp where he meets his wife, son, Shane and a group of other survivors. They all go through tough situations, face hurdles but did not give up. These people are willing to do anything to save themselves from the fury of zombies.


After season one; the work on the season two begun. It did not go wasted. It was a super hit too. The survivor of Rick and companions became difficult and the situation grew worse. The cast looked better and the change of location was a plus point. Though the start was a bit slow but overall it was endlessly entertaining.

The viewers experienced mixed emotions; they wept, feared, felt the pain, joyed and had hope in a similar way their favorite characters had. The second season of The Walking Dead received three nominations for Outstanding Sound Editing, Outstanding Visual Effects and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup.

On the whole the series had both upsides and downsides. Firstly the zombie theme was undoubtedly loved. Action was solid while killing scenes were disturbingly fun. Location was great and tension was strong. On the other hand, too much digital blood made it nasty. The zombie part was exciting but human element was quite boring.the-walking-dead-image2

Though actors were good looking but there were prominent flaws in their acting. The Walking Dead unquestionably reinvented itself in every new season. It had no set ending, instead the characters find out their own ways to survive.


The Walking Dead series kept on digging and has reached its fifth season with more ups and downs which the characters had to come across. The excitement of the audience has not faded away in the previous seasons. So, fight the dead, fear the living and sign up at to keep on watching The Living Dead.