Natalie Dormer is an excellent actress who made a name for herself with her stunning, intense performance as Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s hit series The Tudors. Dormer’s acting career has only continued to grow since then and has included roles in Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games. Dormer is just as excellent in her non-historical roles as her more famous historical characters, but there is no doubt that Dormer’s ability to embody historical roles makes her an ideal candidate to play them. The following are three historical roles that Dormer should definitely tackle in the future.

Marie Antoinette


Marie Antoinette has been portrayed in dozens of films, countless books and even stage plays and musicals performed around the world. Although she’s often written off as a ditzy teen queen or hapless victim in most modern film adaptations, the historical Marie Antoinette was far more complex and interesting. Dormer has the ability to take historical figures who are often misrepresented in popular culture and embody them with a truer and more historical spirit. Her decision to fight for a better portrayal of Anne Boleyn in the Tudors drastically improved her character in season 2, and Dormer would be a great candidate to fight for a better representation of Marie Antoinette.

 Anne Bonny
History isn’t all about royals! Anne Bonny was a famous female pirate who turned to a life of piracy after becoming the mistress of Jack Rackham, a pirate ship captain. Bonny not only joined Rackham on his ship, she became a part of the crew; she fought alongside them, shared in their spoils, and helped to take ships and vessels. Bonny never hid her gender or dressed as a man, despite popular myths to the contrary. Bonny was eventually captured and sentenced to death, but her real fate is a mystery—there are no public records of her execution or her release from prison. There’s no doubt that Dormer would be able to play the fiery Anne Bonny to full perfection.



Elizabeth I

Dormer did such an excellent job portraying Anne Boleyn, it should be only natural for the actress to tackle Anne’s much longer-lived daughter; Elizabeth’s well-known reformation of the English government led to the so-named “Golden Age” of English history. Dormer would likely excel in a TV series that portrays a micro-event in Elizabeth’s life, such as her dealings with Mary Queen of Scots or her initial rise to power. You can watch Natalie Dormer in her many roles when you sign up for for one of the Dish Nework Promotions at