Happyish first aired on showtime on April 5th, 2015. This new American dark satirical comedy-drama was created by Shalom Auslander. Ken Kwapis helped to develop the series and also directed the firstfew episodes including the pilot. The first pilot was actually shot with Philip Seymour Hoffman but he passed away on Feburary 2nd of 2014, putting a halt to Happyish for a period of time. Later, Steve Coogan took the leading role.

happyishThe cast of Happyish includes the following actors: Kathryn Hahn as Lee Payne; Reshma Shetty as Maya; Tobias Segal as Gustaf; Andre Royo as Barry; Lauren Culpepper as Tracey; Kevin Kilner as David; Hannah Hodson as Lorna; Jason Harris as Ernie The Keebler Elf; Sawyer Shipman as Julius Payne; Alison Fraser as Ma Keebler; Steve Coogan as Thom Payne; Molly Price as Bella; Sean Kleier as Mikal; Ellen Barkin as Dani Kirschenbloom; Nils Lawton as Gottfrid; Carrie Preston as Debbie; Bradley Whitfor as Jonathan Cooke; and Dorothea Swiac as Account Executive.

On 44-year-old Thom Payne’s birthday he gets a new boss who is significantly younger accompanied by a surging feeling of insignificance. Struggling with his new boss’s youthful lingo and style, Thom feels his world is thrown into a disordered tangle. He also has a nagging feeling that his antidepressants are interfering with his ED which consequently cuases his happiness to fly out the window. After already having lived at least half of his years, and now an irrelevant figure who no one listens to anymore, Thom begins to wonder if the pursuit of happiness might be the problem. Maybe “happyish” should suffice.happyish-image

At this point there are not a significant number of reviews available about Happyish. Many agree that Steve Coogan does a fair job at filling the role and that the cast for Happyish is strong. Steve Coogen said that he felt responsible for taking the part, although not pressured to do so. Happyish also promises comedy and a bit of a whimsical tone, but how this is perceived will depend significantly upon the viewer. Is there any really good reason to watch it, and what exactly sets it aside from other TV series which consist of characters who are also suffering from a midlife crisis? The series is still very young, accounting for the lack of reviews just yet, so there is room to grow and answer many of the questions which the audience has. So far, review are using the term “goodish” in regards to Happyish, but they don’t get too much better in the way of complimenting the series.happyish-image2


Critics at this point dislike the dialogue which they say is forced and full of profanity, as well as overly written. Some reviews judge that the series suffers from an inferiority complex; that Happyish is trying too hard to be insolent and bold and that it lacks any trace of being casual. Critics also say that the series is making such a loud point to deliver its message with so much force that it cannot be taken seriously. Hop over to this website for more entertainment options.