Franco got his first major part at the age of 19 in 1997 when he played in Pacific Blue as Brian. But it wasn’t until 1999 when Franco actually began his acting streak. James Franco officially kicked off his acting career in 1999 when he got a part in the TV show Freaks and Geeks, which helped him score two roles in two different movies: the hit movie Never Been Kissed starring Drew Barrymore and To Serve and Protect.

By the year 2000, Franco already had a golden globe under his belt and received the starring part of If Tomorrow Comes which was quickly followed by At Any Cost and Whatever It Takes, both of which also gave Franco a lead part. The next year, Franco played in Somebody, that was outshined by his lead talent in James Dean, which won six awards and received eighteen nominations.


In 2002, Franco starred in Sonny, followed by Blind Spot, City By The Sea, and Mother Ghost where he got the small part credited as “skateboarder guy.” Despite his small role, Mother Ghost got seven wins and having the name on his portfolio might have helped him score his next big break in Spiderman that same year.

Deuces Wild and You Always Stalk The Ones You Love were the final movies that Franco was spotted in during 2002, but he quickly got back onto the big screen with Mean People Suck in 2003, followed by the film short The Car Kid and the full-length film The Company. After The Company earned two nominations, Franco was seen again in Spiderman 2 in 2004, and the next year he starred in Fool’s Gold.james-franco-image2james-franco-image









Franco also played a part in The Great Raid during 2005, and starred in his own movie, The Ape which followed a frustrated young writer who was forced to take an apartment with an unlikely roommate – a walking and talking ape. The comedy wasn’t received well by critics, but just because his directional debut did poorly it didn’t slow him down. In 2006, Franco starred Tristan & Isolde followed by Grasshopper. That same year, he played in Flyboys and Annapolis. Franco played Derek in the theatrical production of The Dead Girl, which won two awards and earned four nominations.

Franco starred in Good Time Max in 2007, followed by Spiderman 3. Franco continued with appearances in Camille, An American Crime, Finishing the Game, and In The Valley of Elah. In 2008, Franco got a role in Milk which starred Sean Penn, and he got a comedic break in his career with a lead part in Pineapple Express. In 2009, Franco played Franco on General Hospital after yearning for a soap opera role. In 2010, Franco returned to the movies as Allen Ginsberg in Howl. He also got a role in Date Night which starred Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, shortly followed by his starring role in Shadows and Lies. That same year, James Franco got the lead in 127 hours and made an appearance in the hit Eat Pray Love. The next year, Franco played lead in the comedy Your Highness, and received a smaller role in The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. Franco was writer and director in The Broken Tower, which was a historical, biographical drama about Hart Crane, an American poet. In 2012, Franco got a role in Spring Breakers and the lead part in Maladies. He also starred in The Letter alongside Winona Ryder. Franco received a role in About Cherry that same year, along with a part in Hollywood Heights.

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In his own film, As I Lay Dying, Franco starred as Darl Bundren. The movie received two wins and one nomination, and Franco followed up the success with a part in Lovelace and another in Richard Peter Johnson in 2013. His success continued that year with leads in Child of God and Third Person. He got a role in The Color of Time,  and then made his own film, Sal. Franco teamed up with Travis Mathews to create Interior Leather Bar, and a few months later Franco was seen in Oz The Great and Powerful as Oz himself.

Continuing with his list of films in 2013, Franco played in the comedy This Is The End and got roles in The Game, The Mindy Project, Homefront, Palo Alto, and The Iceman. Last year, Franco played in The Labyrinth, Yosemite, The Sound and the Fury, Black Dog Red Dog, and Beautiful People. Franco starred in the controversial comedy The Interview last year where he playe

This year so far, Franco has participated in countless films, some of which won’t be released until early 2016. These include Zeroville, The Disaster, I Am Michael, Sausage Party, The Fixer, The Little Prince, The Adderall Diaries, Rant, Queen Of The Desert, Memoria, In Dubious Battle, and The Trap. Franco recently played Dave Skylark alongside Seth Rogen (who played Aaron Rapaport) in the most controversial film to date “The Interview”. “The Interview” made North Korea furious and was supposedly to blame for the Sony Pictures email hack. Due to concerns of continued attacks, this film went straight to video instead of playing in theaters. Franco made a self-documentary last year before being seen in Good People and Everything Will Be Fine. Franco starred with Jonah Hill in True Story as well before expanding his portfolio further with many movies this year.  Like he has been doing since 1999, Franco is likely to continue rapidly extending his expertise with more films in 2016 and beyond.  For other interesting entertainment options hop over to

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