Are you ready to leave the old times, where you were forced to watch whatever content was provided by your cable operators at a time slot decided by them? Now, you don’t need to wait for your favorite show, or live in fear of losing out on that important match because you have to rush to your office. You can also afford to miss the morning news and that movie, which was supposed to be aired on television today. You can now stream all that you want to watch with the help of video streaming services. With these online streaming sites, you pay for only what you need and manage the content according to your convenience. Here is a list of services worth cutting the cord for.


This is not a new name in streaming. It is the most trusted name in business and offers a wide selection of movies and television shows. In addition to these, there are several of its own programs that are aired specifically on Netflix. It is the best in terms of selection, quality and performance consistency. Netflix is more for those who love movies. There is a huge selection of movie titles that you can choose from. The standard Netflix package can be availed for $9.99 per month and it also offers a 1 month free trial service. Within this period, you can assure if it is worth paying for.

For: It is a trustworthy service and offers an excellent selection of television shows. It will run on almost any device that is connected with internet. The user interface of Netflix is optimized and offers a similar experience on almost all the platforms. Multiple people can set up different profiles for each account, which ensures that you can store movies and shows for future use. Also, you can set parental controls. There is a kid section on the home screen with enough content for the kids to enjoy. It offers original programs like Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development, and Bloodline among others.

Against: Most of the content is deleted without any prior notice and it has limited on-demand content. Also, Netflix is better for those who love watching movies. However, if you are a fan of television shows, then you should look for other service providers.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus offers a range of shows including entire current seasons and new episodes of globally loved television shows. Most of the episodes are shown a day after they are aired on television. These include the likes of Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy and classic shows like I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show, and The Office, etc. Hulu Plus is available for $7.99 per month or an annual package of $95.88.

For: It has got a great selection of television shows and airs the episodes one day after they are aired on television. It is inexpensive and runs on almost all the devices.

Against: The interface is not up to the mark and is cumbersome. The main problem with Hulu Plus is its frequent commercials. Although the ad-free services were offered with $11.99 subscription, there was a backlash from the users for inflated prices. The content provided by Hulu Plus is 720p HD, which also

depends on the device and internet provider. Hulu Plus is primarily known for television shows and you won’t find a good selection of movies here. However, a few special titles like the James Bond franchise are there for streaming.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime has got its own original programming series like Transparent, Alpha House and Mozart in the Jungle among others. You will find Amazon Prime Instant Video particularly good for you if you have a subscription to Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, which are the proprietary set-top boxes of Amazon. Amazon Prime is available for $99 per year.

For: In addition to providing an annual package, there is $10.99 per month package available with Amazon. You can access the Kindle library with the Amazon Prime subscription, and unlike Netflix, where there is no opportunity for offline viewing; Amazon provides an option for offline downloading of its content. Amazon has also launched the Streaming Partners Program, where you can add networks like Showtime and Starz with a discount.

Against: The monthly package is pricier than others in the market and also lacks award winning shows in its list. Brand new videos are not posted regularly and à la carte contents costs extra.

YouTube Movies

It is something that even kids are familiar with. It is a place where you can watch, purchase or rent movies absolutely free.

For: You can watch a number of movies and shows for no charge. However, most of the movies are either old or B-rated. If you are low on cash and want to watch movies, then YouTube is the best place for you. Get some popcorn and you are ready to watch your favorite movie. There are a number of paid films too, and you can also access a Disney on demand channel for more options.

Against: Most of the titles available on YouTube are also available on Google Play movies. In addition, you are paying per film or per episode, which means that you are actually paying more.

Google Play

Google has a digital content store, from where you can rent or buy television shows and movies. If you want to rent a movie, then the prices start at $4.99, and if you want to buy a new movie then it will be from $14.99.

For: It can be used on a variety of Android and iOS devices. Most movies are available in 5.1 surround sound and you can also store the content and watch it offline later.

Against: It has a smaller library of films and short series. There are many films that you can’t even rent and you are paying per watch. This means you end up paying more eventually.

AT&T U Verse logo information

In the age of technology, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have an internet connection. Our phones have internet, our wristwatches have internet. Ever our coffee makers have internet. Nearly every aspect of the human condition has been connected to the internet and made wireless.

That said, simply having an internet connection isn’t enough anymore. What’s the point of having a smartphone if the internet connection is slow? What good is there in having an internet connection that, when it needs fixing or assistance, the customer service is poor?

In this day and age, having an internet connection is of significant importance. But it’s even more important that you have the best internet connection possible. Maybe that means the fastest speeds. Maybe that means the most reliable internet connection. Maybe that means the best customer service. Whatever it is that you’re searching for in an internet provider, AT&T has it.

Why You Should Choose AT&T U-Verse

In 1996, the Telecommunication Act sparked a lot of change in the world of telecommunication. Among those affected the most was AT&T, a telephone company at the time. They were absorbed into SBC Communications Inc., ( formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corp).

Afterwards, AT&T would rework itself and thus become the new face of global communications for businesses all around the world. For a decade, AT&T would continue to dedicate itself to innovation and creativity, constantly pushing itself in new and different directions. Finally, in 2006 AT&T led the revolution to more advanced forms of communication, making them the progenitors of mobile internet.

Sure, that’s a nice history lesson about a phone company turned internet provider, but what does that mean for you?

In the age of technology, where everything is connected to the internet, that AT&T is at the start of mobile internet, it means that they’re a company that understands the wants of its customers and delivers. Not only that, but their company has constantly and repeatedly demonstrated its want and desire to maintain customer satisfaction while simultaneously reaching for new and more advanced technologies.

Amazing Customer Service

AT&T is staffed with men and women who understand the needs of their customers, and are happy to help whenever and however they can. Not only that, but the team at AT&T is dedicated to providing you with everything you need in order to have the best internet experience available.

Naturally, that includes anytime in which you find yourself bogged down with malware, connectivity issues or viruses. Whenever you’ve got problems, AT&T has solutions. WIth Support Plus, you have access to team members who are willing to help you out anytime, day or night. Their help desk is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, ensuring that no matter when trouble strikes, you’ll always have someone there to help you.


In addition to their help desk, AT&T provides its customers with a variety of technological DIY tools they can use themselves. These tools include anti-virus for your email, a 2 way firewall and pop up catcher.  McAfee Site Advisor and parental controls are also available for use, ensuring that your internet connection (and all of the devices attached to it) are safeguarded from potential harm, both for the immediate present and in the future.

Incredible Internet Speeds

At its highest tier of internet connectivity, AT&T U-Verse provides customers with 45 Mbps. Now maybe you don’t know what that means, as sometimes these abbreviations can get a little confusing. In order to understand what is being provided to you as the customer, you’ll first need to understand how the internet works (but only briefly) and how that relates to the transference of information. Just hop over here to find the latest deals on AT&T U-verse Internet.

When we’re speaking about internet speed, typically you’ll see that denoted by MBPS. MBPS (sometimes Mbps) stands for megabits per second. In regards to information transfer, this means that over the course of one second, 45 megabits are being transferred from the source to your internet-connected device. In other words, when downloading at 45 Mbps, 45 millions bits of information are being passed from the source server to your device.


Let’s put these numbers into a more understandable scenario. If you want to download a movie that’s approximately 2Gb big, with 45 Mbps of internet speed, you’ll need to spend about 6.5 minutes so completely download the movie. Similarly, when downloading songs from the internet that are about 2-4 minutes in length, the time spent downloading is usually less than 30 seconds.

Bundles Galore

Now that you understand what a megabit is and how that relates to you and downloading speed, it’s time to talk about AT&T’s U-Verse internet bundles. From the lowest tier (priced at $30 a month) to its highest tier (priced at $50 a month), AT&T provides a multitude of internet bundles that are priced affordably, and structured to suit the most internet involved users, as well as those who find themselves on the internet less frequently.

At its most basic plan,  AT&T provides the ability to shop at online marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay. Additionally, customers who enjoy the U-Verse Pro bundle pack enjoy the ability to send and receive instant messages, as well as use social media sites. Mid-ranged bundle packs, such as U-Verse Max and U-Verse Turbo, allow the use of multiple devices, and provides a steady and powerful connection that easily allows online gaming and quick streaming of HD movies and videos.

AT&T U-Verse Means Freedom

When you have a high internet connection speed, there is no limit to what you can do online. Downloading music is hassle-free. Streaming videos from Hulu and Netflix require no additional buffering. YouTube no longer takes ten extra minutes to load a video because of a poor internet connection. This internet freedom will allow you to enjoy a online presence, and entertain yourself endlessly and without needing to worry about pre-loading webpages to view content.