Breaking Bad is the Most Addictive Show Ever

Bold words?  Perhaps.  But look at the ratings on IMDB and on cable television and you can see how popular this outstanding television show really is.  What Breaking Bad does so well is make you want to keep watching.  Like a great novel, you as the viewer must know what happens next!

I remember hearing about how great it was months, even years before I first starting watching it on Netflix.  I wanted to blind buy the Blu-rays very badly but wasn’t sure if I would like it.  When we got a BD player that had the Netflix button and could watch shows online through our TV, it was like all life on earth stopped.  Breaking Bad was there and boy was I not disappointed!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

The opening scene set the stage for one of the most pulse pounding, edge of your seat pieces of entertainment ever put on television, no exaggeration.  For not in the know, Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who decides to start cooking meth, a hardcore street drug.  With the help of Jesse, a former student who becomes his partner in crime, Walter White sets off down a road to ruin.

But back to the opening scene, where we see Walt standing in his underwear out in the middle of nowhere, a bleak, smoldering desert with only a beat up RV and red rock behind him.  A police siren is wailing and Walt is freaking out; the gig is up, he’s been caught, they are coming for him… or are they?  This is merely a flash-forward scene and the episode zooms back to the past to when and how it all started.breaking-bad-image

I think one of the great things about the show is the compact running time, not per episode but the small(ish) amount of total episodes.

When the fifth season concludes we’ll have a mere 62 episodes.  Most shows attempt to achieve at least 100 in order to get to that coveted syndication standard but cable TV has changed things.  Because of the restriction on language, violence and nudity, Breaking Bad could not be broadcast on regular TV, so not only does the form of the show work better on cable but the limited amount of episodes means each and every one means something.


In fact, each episode is often life or death for Walt and Jesse.  And everyone around them who become embroiled in their chaotic mess of a drug dealing life.  But this is the strength of the show!  Every second matters, every twist and turn or deception or unexpected circumstance has the watcher hanging on everything that happens.

Once you start watching, you simply cannot stop.  Watch it and see.