Bold words?  Perhaps.  But look at the ratings on IMDB and on cable television and you can see how popular this outstanding television show really is.  What Breaking Bad does so well is make you want to keep watching.  Like a great novel, you as the viewer must know what happens next!

I remember hearing about how great it was months, even years before I first starting watching it on Netflix.  I wanted to blind buy the Blu-rays very badly but wasn’t sure if I would like it.  When we got a BD player that had the Netflix button and could watch shows online through our TV, it was like all life on earth stopped.  Breaking Bad was there and boy was I not disappointed!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

The opening scene set the stage for one of the most pulse pounding, edge of your seat pieces of entertainment ever put on television, no exaggeration.  For not in the know, Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who decides to start cooking meth, a hardcore street drug.  With the help of Jesse, a former student who becomes his partner in crime, Walter White sets off down a road to ruin.

But back to the opening scene, where we see Walt standing in his underwear out in the middle of nowhere, a bleak, smoldering desert with only a beat up RV and red rock behind him.  A police siren is wailing and Walt is freaking out; the gig is up, he’s been caught, they are coming for him… or are they?  This is merely a flash-forward scene and the episode zooms back to the past to when and how it all started.breaking-bad-image

I think one of the great things about the show is the compact running time, not per episode but the small(ish) amount of total episodes.

When the fifth season concludes we’ll have a mere 62 episodes.  Most shows attempt to achieve at least 100 in order to get to that coveted syndication standard but cable TV has changed things.  Because of the restriction on language, violence and nudity, Breaking Bad could not be broadcast on regular TV, so not only does the form of the show work better on cable but the limited amount of episodes means each and every one means something.


In fact, each episode is often life or death for Walt and Jesse.  And everyone around them who become embroiled in their chaotic mess of a drug dealing life.  But this is the strength of the show!  Every second matters, every twist and turn or deception or unexpected circumstance has the watcher hanging on everything that happens.

Once you start watching, you simply cannot stop.  Watch it and see.

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Before satellite television, there were a limited amount of channels and these were transmitted using analog TV signals. Sometimes, reception can be really bad that all a viewer could see are black and white lines but could hear the audio. Now, most television sets do not require antennas to provide local channels.


With the introduction of satellite television, hundreds of television channels are available for the viewers to browser through. High definition programming, a wonder for those movie and sports junkies who would want to see every bit of detail there is.

The award-wining Hopper of Dish Network has revolutionized the Digital Video Recorder. It has several functions and capabilities, from hiding the receiver at the back to finding the remote at a touch of a button, to a very accurate channel guide, to being able to check the HD channels -from your favorites to the most popular programs.


This device offers a world of possibilities. Want to go to bed and watch a show but afraid to miss a scene? Pause the show and watch it on another television! Want to record a show tomorrow? Saving it from the channel guide is so easy even kids can do it.

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The fall lineup has been revealed to include a list of primetime and not-so-primetime programming. These new shows are to air side-by-side with hits like “The Walking Dead” which was renewed for its fourth season, “True Blood”, renewed for its sixth season and “Hannibal”, now going into its second season.

Fox reports “Almost Human” as one of its new shows. The show is set in a future dreamed up by J.J. Abrams and J. H. Wyman. The show features human police officers that work around highly sophisticated androids. These androids are partners to these officers in a futuristic drama. The show’s premier airs on November 4 at 8:00 pm.


ABC is offering “Betrayal” as a follow-up for the show “Revenge”. It follows “Revenge” on Sunday nights, premiering at 10:00 pm, September 29. The show depicts a very unhappily married photographer named Sara as she starts a hot and heavy affair with a lawyer named Jack. Hannah Ware plays Sarah and Stuart Townsend plays Jack. The real kicker comes in when it is discovered that Jack the lawyer is defending a suspect that Drew, played by Chris J. Johnson is trying to prosecute. The reason that’s a problem is that Drew is married to Sarah.

NBC is providing viewers with “The Blacklist”, premiering on September 23 at 10 pm. The show stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington. Reddington is a wanted fugitive on the FBI’s most-wanted list. He strikes a deal with the FBI to avoid prosecution in which he helps the FBI capture the fugitives that have been moved to the blacklist, a list the FBI keeps of all fugitives that have escaped capture.



TNT is showcasing “The Crazy Ones”, a comedy starring Robin Williams. Williams plays Simon Roberts, the genius owner of the Roberts & Roberts advertising agency. Fall of 2013 has promise for television fans.

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After Earth

After Earth

Will Smith started his career in television on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” but he moved on to be a top selling artist and box office favorite in productions like “I Robot”, the “Men in Black” trilogy and “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

In between hit albums and box office smashes, he fathered three children, Trey, Jaden and Willow. Trey is the child of Will Smith and Sheree Zampino while Jaden and Willow are his children with current wife, Jada Pinkett. Jaden Smith has been making the news with his father lately, as a backup on stage for musical performances with his father and as his co-star in “After Earth”.

After Earth” is a sci-fy thriller that takes place on Earth after it has been abandoned by humans. Will Smith plays the part of Cypher who was traveling in space with his son Kitai. The two crash land on Earth after a malfunction with the ship and have to brave a now unfamiliar planet to survive. When humans left the planet 1000 years before, the animals evolved and the wild took over. To complicate matters even more, there is a dangerous alien that escaped the ship when it crashed. Neither Cypher nor Kitai have ever encountered anything like the peril they landed in. Cypher is incapacitated due to a serious injury sustained during the crash landing, leaving him unable to travel the distance he has to cover to send an SOS. It is up to the teenage boy, Kitai, to make the trip he needs to make to signal for help. The film was directed by M Night Shyamalan.

In an interview, Jaden revealed that he liked the locations he went to in filming the scenes with overgrown vegetation and wild life. He stated he was a little scared of the snakes. Will Smith said it poses unique challenges to work with someone he is related to verses working with someone else. He said it could be difficult at times, trying to be the parent and the co-star. He added there is a balance in which he had to act as coach and as the father.

On his son’s choice of acting as a career, Smith said it is something he can be a huge help in. Smith went on to explain that he finds it less scary for Jaden to act than to have a different career choice because he can help him. He added that he has several professional relationships with other actors and well-known filmmakers that will help his son in his acting career.

This is not the first time Will Smith has starred in a movie featuring one of his children. Jaden also starred with Smith in “The Pursuit of Happyness” and Willow was seen as Smith’s daughter in “I Am Legend”.

Will and Jaden also appeared together recently in Killeen, Texas, where they performed “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” for a group of unsuspecting military personnel. The appearance was to promote the opening of “After Earth”. Another musical performance for the pair occurred on the Graham Norton Show when they appeared with DJ Jazzy Jeff to perform the theme song for “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

Will Smith has let it be known that he may be getting out of box office film making to pursue independent films. This may mean that the days of he and Jayden being seen in movies together are numbered.

Star Trek Episodes Timeline

Star Trek Episodes Timeline
Click image for larger version.

This contains a ton of information about all the Star Trek TV Series Episodes and Movies.

Top of the Lake

Top of the Lake

“Top of the Lake” is a powerfully dramatic mini-series that stars Holly Hunter, Elisabeth Moss and David Wenham, among others. The setting for the show is a small mountain town in New Zealand, whose natural beauty and innocence contrasts sharply with the harsh damaged humans that populate it.

In the first episode, it is discovered that a twelve year old child named Tui is pregnant. She has just left her father’s residence where she was surrounded by men like Luke and Mark Mitcham, her brothers and Matt, her father. Upon leaving that home pregnant, she tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in the lake. It’s not long before the school nurse finds out Tui, played by Jacqueline Joe, is pregnant. Besides the shock of discovering a twelve year old pregnant child, people in this close-knit community also have to deal with the sudden loss of one of their own. Bob Platt is drowned by the Mitchams over a land deal gone wrong.

Elizabeth Moss is Robin Griffin, a visiting detective who is asked to step in to find the father. Robin has her own problems with a mother that is under an abusive boyfriend while she suffers from cancer. Robin asked Tui who the father was and received a written answer that simply stated “no one”. With no help from the child, Robin’ only alternative is to go to the top officer at the local police station. But that proves useless when he indifferently tells her the best place for the child is back with her father. The top officer takes the girl back to her father. They fight and Tui steals a gun and leaves again. After that, she disappears.

Throughout the drama Holly Hunter is seen as the leader of a support group for damaged women. She is uncharacteristically masculine in men’s clothing with a shocking head full of long gray hair, but she brings some levity to the show, needed amidst the drama and dark acts of violence and statutory rape. The suspense builds as the plot unfolds and the difficulties and complications are revealed. In this series, Robin continues to search out the truth of the baby’s father while she deals with personal problems and faces some ghosts from her own past. The combination of balance and surprise has kept viewers glued to their seats from the beginning to the end.

The show has been called a police drama and a psychological thriller, but it is also a portrait of the human landscape. It introduces gritty characters with secrets, like drug dealers and murderers. Even the main character, Robin Griffin, has secrets and a past she can’t reconcile with. It shows the strengths in the characters of the small New Zealand community, but it also lays bare their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It puts a spotlight on all that is undesirable about these characters in a way that the audience can relate to.

The series airs on the Sundance Channel. It was created and written by Gerard Lee and Jane Campion. Jane Campion and Garth Davis have directed it. Campion is remembered for her work as writer and director of “The Piano” in 1993.

The series has been compared to “Twin Peaks” due to the visual impact of the New Zealand landscape. With the human drama set against the natural background, “Top of the Lake” is a series that most have enjoyed watching.



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Check out all the great moments that made Booth fall in love with Brennan from the hit TV show Bones!

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Click image for larger size.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on TV and Sheldon Cooper is everyone’s favorite characters. Hope you enjoy some of the neat facts we found about out about Sheldon.


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Need to catch up on the storyline and characters from Revolution? Check out this guide!

The Following

The Following

“The Following” airs on FOX on Fridays at 9:00 pm. The show is currently on hiatus, taking a break from its first season as it gets ready for its second one. The show is described as a “psychological thriller”, built around a plot that is both terrifying and original. It almost has to be since the show has the benefit of Kevin Williamson as its creator and executive producer. Williamson is known for work done on “Dawson’s Creek”, “Scream” and “The Vampire Diaries”. He has been able to cultivate the exquisitely suspenseful and terrifying material that has held viewers to the edges of their seats.

“The Following” is built on current information released by the FBI in which it estimates that there are as many as 300 serial killers operating in the United States. The show poses the question: would happen if these killers got organized? What if these killers started to communicate with one another and worked together?

In the pilot episode, the show addresses some of these questions when Joe Carroll, a serial killer on death row, escapes, killing five guards in the process. Carroll had been sentenced to death after it was discovered that he had killed 14 of his female students while teaching his literature class. The role of Carroll is played by James Purefoy.

Kevin Bacon is introduced as the retired FBI agent that captured Carroll in 2003. Bacon plays the part of Ryan Hardy. During the investigation that led to Carroll’s arrest, Hardy was known for studying Carroll’s moves and methods, making him the perfect consultant when Carroll breaks out. However, on this case, Hardy isn’t in charge. He has to work with Mike Weston, played by Shawn Ashmore and Debra Parker, an FBI specialist, played by Annie Parisse. No one is happy with this arrangement but Hardy proves he still has what it takes when he reveals that Carroll is using the internet to communicate and organize his followers.

The show continues to follow the team as it makes more discoveries and gains vital insight into the mind of the escaped killer. It is learned that Carroll sent his followers to find the last woman he had planned to kill before being sent to prison. Tensions rise when this last victim, played by Maggie Grace, turns up missing.

It seems that the FBI is at a disadvantage for lack of information and time. Carroll, having organized his groupies before even leaving the prison, is prepared and active as he enters the outside world again. The FBI has to spend its time investigating the growing number of Carroll’s victims as well as trying to locate him again. The investigation is compromised when the team realizes Carroll may have spies among them. No one knows who his followers are or who they can trust.

Along with the upheaval that Carroll’s escape has caused in Hardy’s life and the call to return to work, he also has to deal with the emotional and physical scars left from his first investigation into Carroll’s crimes. He has to face personal challenges as well as the cat-and-mouse games Carroll presents as he searches for clues on Carroll’s location.

The show made its debut in January 2013. It was met in season one with favorable reviews and promises to hold even more suspense and action in season two.

The Following is one of a lot of American’s favorite TV Shows. If you haven’t seen this television program, check it out soon.

“The Great Gatsby” has been listed as one of the top three movies for summer movie goers in 2013. Based on the novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, the movie has been an instant hit, said to make more than $330 million before it leaves theaters. In fact, the movie has done so well that it has become more of a success than the novel was in its time. With the success of the movie, fans have found a renewed interest in the novel, taking the novel to the top of best-selling lists everywhere. Ironically, the movie, like the book, has been received with mixed reviews, despite the high projected earnings at the box office.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

In the movie, Nick Carraway, a World War I veteran and college graduate moves to New York to learn more about the bonds business during the jazzy 1920s. He settles into a rented house beside the mansion of Gatsby, a loner that doesn’t share his wealthy neighbor’s vices. Nick finds out that Gatsby is a mystery to most of his counterparts. No one knows how he got his fortune, or even what he really looks like. Gatsby is mostly known for the extravagant parties he throws, rife with alcohol and sexual encounters of a shocking nature. At a time when a high society centered on parties and illegal alcohol, Gatsby’s parties stood out above the rest.  Over a period of time, social circles bring Nick and Gatsby together and Nick learns the secret behind Gatsby’s reason for buying the mansion and living extravagantly.

Nick is able to see first-hand the heartache and consequences that such a lifestyle can lead to, especially when Gatsby asks Nick to introduce him to his married cousin, Daisy. It is revealed that Gatsby was in love with Daisy before the war and found her married when he returned. Gatsby revealed to Nick that he has climbed the social ladder and obtained his wealth to impress and win back the love of the girl he had to leave behind when he fought for his country in World War I. Nick is put into an awkward position with Gatsby’s request and said no until he discovered the infidelity of Daisy’s husband, Tom. Tom isn’t known for his sensitivity and his rashness is abrasive on a strained marriage.  Daisy is torn between her husband, Tom, and Gatsby, who proclaims his love for her and tries to woo her with his wealth and position. The drama unfolds with a hit-and-run and a wrongly accused man dying by the hands of another.

The part of Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Gatsby is in love with Daisy, but loses her when he has to go off to war with the Army. The part of Daisy is played by Carey Mulligan, who also played in “Pride and Prejudice” in 2005. The part of Nick Carraway is played by Tobey Maguire, who is recognized for his leading role in “SpiderMan”.

The movie is rated PG-13.


Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD

Due to Hollywood’s recent forays into Marvel comic characters, familiar favorites like Iron Man and Hulk have been at the top of everyone’s must see list. Due to the high popularity of these characters, ABC is airing a show dedicated to the awesomely mutated and misunderstood heroes of Marvel.

The show, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, will follow agents as they operate through their law-enforcement agency, giving fans a regular dose of the superhero crime-fighting division. While this is not television’s first attempt at making a series based on Marvel characters, it is likely to be one of the most memorable. The show is scheduled to air on ABC, Tuesday nights at 7:oo pm.

S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. It stars Clark Gregg in his role as Agent Phil Coulson. Coulson and his fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agents employ their many talents to investigate the cases that have yet to be classified. They are there to investigate and discover what is strange or unknown. Due to the ambiguous nature of the plot, it is quite possible that fans will be introduced to several Marvel comic characters that have never made it to the big screen.

Joss Whedon, writer and producer for the show, says the show will delve into the past and background of Agent Coulson. Coulson is aided in his quest by several agents of varying skill sets. Agent Grant Ward, played by Brett Dalton, Agent Melinda May, played by Ming-Na Wen and Agent Leo Fitz, played by Iain De Caestecker. Coulson also employs the talents of Agent Jemma Simmons, played by Elizabeth Henstridge.

Agent Ward is considered a “specialist”, although his area of specialty is unknown at this juncture. Agent May is considered to be an administrator. However, in trailers for “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, May is seen disarming a man with brutal expertise. Agent Leo Fitz carries the job title of engineer. Agent Simmons is a bio-chemist. All other information for these agents is classified.

Another character on the show is Skye, played by Chloe Bennet. According to trailers, Skye does not trust the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and gets introduced to the team when she tries to sabotage their operation.

Whedon wants to warn fans that the show is not like the movies. He said fans that expect the show to start where the movies left off are going to be unsatisfied. It is a warning to take the show as on its own merits and to not look at the movies to define it. Whedon went on to explain that the show will revolve more around the lives of these normal human agents as they deal with a superhuman world.

Whatever lays ahead for fans, the show itself has already made enough waves to be nominated for a Critic’s Choice award for Most Exciting New TV Series, Videos and Full List.

For newcomers to the Marvel following, S.H.I.E.L.D. was started by Nicholas Fury when World War II ended. According to comic history, Fury felt the government wouldn’t agree to the agency so he didn’t put forth the effort to get it established. Later, however, an internationally based group decided there was a need for S.H.I.E.L.D. and they established it without Fury knowing about it. Fury found out about the existence of the agency when he was appointed as executive director. The agency went on from its founding to have a varied and complicated existence.