Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

The man in the iron suit is back. “Iron Man 3” is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2013. Since the first two “Iron Man” movies were received with such high praise, no one could blame an excited audience for wanting more. As the third movie brought the iron-clad Avenger back, Stark took audiences by storm.

Combined with a successful venture into the “Avenger” movies, Iron Man has rocked the big screen for several years and has become an instant fan favorite for all ages. Robert Downey Jr. delivered for the third installment in the “Iron Man” series, exciting audiences world-wide as he played the irreverent Tony Stark.

In “Iron Man 3”, Tony Stark picks a fight with an enemy that has the ability to beat him like none he has met before. Iron Man meets his nemesis after Stark issues a challenge to the Mandarin, following an attack on Americans. When Stark issues an invitation to the Mandarin, providing details about his home address, the Mandarin responds with armed helicopters that destroy Stark’s home and almost kill Pepper Potts. The Mandarin seeks to destroy Stark and those that Stark is closest to, putting everything that Stark loves in jeopardy. The movie follows Stark as he flees from his home for safety and sets out to find those that are responsible for the near destruction of everyone and everything he held dear.

During his journey, he encounters situations that put the famous Stark mentality to the test. Not only does he have to find the enemy that has tried to kill him, but he struggles with his own identity both as Stark and as Iron Man. Also, since the alien invasion that ensued on the Avengers’ movie, Stark has had to make peace with his own mortality, leading to anxiety and nervousness he isn’t used to dealing with. Through all of these struggles, however, Stark is a survivor that comes back better than he left.

There have been some complaints due to the changing of the Mandarin character and the fact that Iron Man didn’t “suit up” as much as he has in previous movies. But the movie does show a more vulnerable and human side to the Stark character that puts him on more even footing with his viewers. It also gives a glimpse at the human being behind the iron-clad façade.

Reviews for the movie have been high, showing that more than half of all viewers have liked it and would recommend it to friends. Fans were definitely not disappointed with what has traditionally been a bad number for sequels.

Tony Stark/Iron Man is played by Robert Downey Jr., acting opposite Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Gwyneth Paltrow comes back for her third movie as Pepper Potts and Ty Simpkins plays Harley, Stark’s faithful aid.

“Iron Man 3” was released in movie theaters on May 3, 2013. It has a PG rating, ensuring that most parents can watch this movie with their children.


Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6

“Fast and Furious 6” ranks as the second most anticipated movie for the summer 2013, coming in only under “Iron Man 3”. In the sixth installment of the “Fast and Furious” series, Dom and his crew have to return to the road to rescue Letty. They have to come out of retirement to get to her. Hobbs tells Dom that Letty is working for a group of mercenaries and wants Dom to take the crew down when he gets Letty out. Dom won’t do it without a full pardon for the entire team. When Hobbs agrees, the crew goes to work getting her out of harm’s way and taking down Shaw, the leader of one of the most dangerous crews in the world.

The movie is full of action, bringing back to mind the gritty, fast-paced excitement that made the series a success. Dom’s crew encounters something a set of drivers that are more ruthless and innovative than anything they have ever seen before and it’s almost too much to handle. Dom and his drivers have to battle with tanks, an incredibly organized and ruthless enemy and Letty, who shoots Dom the first chance she gets. As member who does damage control for Shaw’s team, Letty is put at odds with her past because she has to protect Shaw from Dom.

In previous “Fast and Furious” movies, Letty has been the female muscle, doing her part to hurt any that got in her way. However, viewers may enjoy the introduction of Gina, Letty’s female equal. Gina and Letty get into for a female free-for-all that leaves some of the male action in the dust. This is especially true since the part of Riley Hicks is played by Gina Carano, former stunt double and martial arts world champion.

With some of the best fight scenes, characters and raw action, “Fast and Furious 6” is lined up to be one of the best films of the year. The decision to bring Letty back, and to pair her with Hicks, while making the conflict between her new crew and her old crew the crux of her survival, only adds to the fast-paced excitement and suspense. Instead of getting weaker, due to the amount of sequels to its credit, the “Fast and Furious” franchise is still going strong.

Vin Diesel plays the part of Dom Tereto, the racing daredevil that used his driving skills to rob companies of millions of dollars of merchandise. As someone that was tired of losing and tired of running, “Fast and Furious 5” was all about scoring the big payload for retirement. That is exactly where “Fast and Furious 6” picks up. Paul Walker plays the part of Brian O’Conner, the ex FBI agent that falls for Dom’s sister and helps Dom escape federal prosecution. As Dom’s right hand man, O’Conner has to be a source of support and reason when Dom wants to take things too far.

The movie is rated PG-13 for the intense violence and language.



Walt Disney has acknowledged the crucial role television plays in influencing the diet and behavior of children. As a result, it has instituted a ban on junk-food advertising on its network for children.

The children’s network has already launched a healthy foods initiative for use in its Disney themed fun parks. But now, it is going to impose a strict new standard for the beverages and foods that are being advertised on its Disney XD network for Saturday morning Disney programming on ABC, Radio Disney and on the internet. Disney Junior and the Disney Channel are also under these new guidelines. Although these two channels are not ad-supported, they do receive brand sponsorships.

Disney is one of the more recent networks to adopt a healthier eating standard. This change for Disney comes some years after changes made by Viacom, Inc, who owns Nickelodeon, and Turner Broadcasting, who owns the Cartoon Network. These two networks changed their policies in 2007. The new policies forbid the use of any characters from their programming being used to for promotion on products that don’t specifically meet certain nutritional guidelines. Nickelodeon, in particular, uses standards that were developed by the  food industry, which help govern the any advertising to consumers under the age of 12.

From now on, any advertisers that wish to promote foods or beverages using Disney’s networks must meet certain guidelines regarding the amount of calories, sugar and fat content, and also the serving size of the product. These guidelines follow specific government recommendations.

However, the recent changes that have been instituted by Disney will not take affect until 2015, due to contractual agreements that are already in existence. The 3 year difference will also give companies time to recreate their products to comply with the new terms.

This changeover started six years ago for Disney. Six years ago is when it instituted healthier foods and beverages to its theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim. Now, when visitors want a snack at one of these parks, they have choices that include low-fat milk and carrots in the children’s meals. Parents are allowed to request something else, for allergies or other health-related problems.

To help parents identify the healthy choice on their menus, Disney is using the Mickey Check icon. This icon will be placed next to the nutritious items sold on menus in stores, at restaurants and kiosks used in its parks and online.

The Chairman and Chief Executive for Disney, Rober A. Iger, said Disney has taken steps to support good choices for families. He said, now, Disney is taking the next important step forward in setting new advertising standards for children in food.

These efforts have been applauded by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. This is a non-profit group. The group’s associate director, Josh Golin, said these new standards are a step in the right direction. However, the three year delay on instituting these new standards has been questioned by the group. Golin went on to admit he would have preferred that government regulations apply to all companies, and enforced uniformly.