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“The Following” airs on FOX on Fridays at 9:00 pm. The show is currently on hiatus, taking a break from its first season as it gets ready for its second one. The show is described as a “psychological thriller”, built around a plot that is both terrifying and original. It almost has to be since the show has the benefit of Kevin Williamson as its creator and executive producer. Williamson is known for work done on “Dawson’s Creek”, “Scream” and “The Vampire Diaries”. He has been able to cultivate the exquisitely suspenseful and terrifying material that has held viewers to the edges of their seats.

“The Following” is built on current information released by the FBI in which it estimates that there are as many as 300 serial killers operating in the United States. The show poses the question: would happen if these killers got organized? What if these killers started to communicate with one another and worked together?

In the pilot episode, the show addresses some of these questions when Joe Carroll, a serial killer on death row, escapes, killing five guards in the process. Carroll had been sentenced to death after it was discovered that he had killed 14 of his female students while teaching his literature class. The role of Carroll is played by James Purefoy.

Kevin Bacon is introduced as the retired FBI agent that captured Carroll in 2003. Bacon plays the part of Ryan Hardy. During the investigation that led to Carroll’s arrest, Hardy was known for studying Carroll’s moves and methods, making him the perfect consultant when Carroll breaks out. However, on this case, Hardy isn’t in charge. He has to work with Mike Weston, played by Shawn Ashmore and Debra Parker, an FBI specialist, played by Annie Parisse. No one is happy with this arrangement but Hardy proves he still has what it takes when he reveals that Carroll is using the internet to communicate and organize his followers.

The show continues to follow the team as it makes more discoveries and gains vital insight into the mind of the escaped killer. It is learned that Carroll sent his followers to find the last woman he had planned to kill before being sent to prison. Tensions rise when this last victim, played by Maggie Grace, turns up missing.

It seems that the FBI is at a disadvantage for lack of information and time. Carroll, having organized his groupies before even leaving the prison, is prepared and active as he enters the outside world again. The FBI has to spend its time investigating the growing number of Carroll’s victims as well as trying to locate him again. The investigation is compromised when the team realizes Carroll may have spies among them. No one knows who his followers are or who they can trust.

Along with the upheaval that Carroll’s escape has caused in Hardy’s life and the call to return to work, he also has to deal with the emotional and physical scars left from his first investigation into Carroll’s crimes. He has to face personal challenges as well as the cat-and-mouse games Carroll presents as he searches for clues on Carroll’s location.

The show made its debut in January 2013. It was met in season one with favorable reviews and promises to hold even more suspense and action in season two.

The Following is one of a lot of American’s favorite TV Shows. If you haven’t seen this television program, check it out soon.